Who Is, What Is Stay-At-Home Hollywood Dad?

Roll camera.

For a long I have struggled with the idea of what to write for–or at least how to start–my first post.  Too long a time.  So long that when life grew busy, as it invariably does, I put Stay-At-Home Hollywood Dad aside and forgot about it.  Then, finally, when my thoughts drifted in this direction and I returned to the blog, I once again had to delay my first post in order to revise and update, the structure, plugins, formatting, etc. with all the technical advances of the last couple years.

At least the time off gave me my starting point!

One might reasonably assume that the initial post should be an introduction to the blog, and to some degree that it what this post it.  At the same time, I did not want it simply to be duplicative of the About Page, which you can find here.  Indeed, let me quote that entirety of that text here:

Stay-At-Home Hollywood Dad details my parenting adventures as a Hollywood screenwriter/actor/filmmaker turned stay-at-home-dad.  Pursuing a career in entertainment was challenging enough without my first job being the stay-at-home parent…that responsibility adds a whole new twist!

As a professional writer, a screenwriter, I have a tendency to want everything I write to be perfect.  Too perfect, as the case may be, for a blog.  A blog should permit me to feel free to write freely and thus publish frequently, instead of waiting until everything is “just right,” both from a writing standpoint and SEO.

So, Stay-At-Home Hollywood Dad is exactly what the above quote implies.  I am a stay-at-home dad.  I live in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, where, prior to familial circumstances and the collapse of the economy, I worked full-time in Hollywood, the entertainment industry (and sometimes Hollywood, the city, not one and the same as many outside of LA sometimes assume).  Stay-At-Home Hollywood Dad entails my parenting adventures: stories, recipes, dad tips, career and more.

And, yes, I did just say career.  I still do pursue my Hollywood endeavors, but now I do so within the constraints of being dad first.  That redirection entails, for the time being, my focus being on those elements I can do from home, namely screenwriting and the occasional freelance new media work (my last steady job was as the VP of New Media for a production company).  Someday I hope to return to directing, producing, even acting, too, but only time will tell.

And that’s Stay-At-Home Hollywood Dad.  I hope you will continue to join me on this wild ride.