Dad Tip: Bathwater Greywater

“Better.  Better get a bucket.”

This tip came from my wife.  I’m not sure where she found it, but it’s a great one for those of us living in drought-stricken California.

Bathwater makes great greywater for trees and other plants without the time and expense of a full greywater system.

Reuse of anything is great, and in California reusing water is near to becoming a necessity.  But, let’s face it, installing a greywater system is an undertaking.  And most usage of water in the house is tough to capture without such a system involved.  Bathwater, however, is easy to scoop out with a bucket, and those of us with young kids have our bathwater (adults who shower, another story altogether).

Dumping buckets of greywater to cover an entire lawn would be challenging, but trees are often overlooked in the their watering needs (especially in these times of drought) and are really easy to take of with a bucket.  Watering trees is important.  From the Burbank Water & Power website:

As we continue to prioritize our water use, it is important to remember one of our greatest assets: trees. During times of drought, trees need a little extra help getting enough water. To ensure that trees survive the stress of drought, Burbank residents are permitted to water trees all the way through Level 5 water restrictions. Why is it important that trees survive the drought? Not only do they provide countless benefits to communities, but they are a big time investment. A new lawn can be installed in a weekend, but a mature tree takes at least 50 years to grow!

And if you use natural and organic products (as we do), all the better!  No concerns over dumping anything into the environment.

So better get a bucket.